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Chef Argiro Barbarigou Participates in Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeals in NYC

At the invitation of celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, Greek celebrity chef Argiro Barbarigou joined over 40 internationally renowned chefs in New York City to showcase Mediterranean cuisine and culture at the 32nd Annual Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeals event at Rockefeller Center. The star-studded evening raised upwards of $1 million to subsidize meals for the elderly.

Argiro Barbarigou, who was recently named Ambassador of South Aegean by the European Region of Gastronomy - brought a team of visiting chefs from Greece, including George Mastrodimitris of Chef's Club North Greece.

Argiro prepared "Island Gemista," a dish that is the symbol of Greek summer. Gemista — literally means “stuffed with”— is a light and healthy Aegean island specialty of local tomatoes and bell peppers filled with rice and aromatic Greek herbs prepared with cold-pressed EVOO. The dish, offered as vegan or topped with light Greek yogurt and feta mousse, won rave reviews from more than 1000 guests.

Follow the signs to Argiro at Rockefeller Center in NYC

Guests lined up in droves for Argiro's gemista


Mega-watt star chef Daniel Boulud who hosted the night, gave all the chefs a shout-out on Instagram - tagging every single one of them - Follow @ArgiroBarbarigou on Instagram!

George Mastrodemetris, Argiro Barbarigo and Michael Psilakis at Citymeals Chef's Tribute, Rockefeller Center

Collage top photo: Argiro and George with fellow Greek chef Michael Psilakis. Chef/owner of MP Taverna, Fishtag & Kefi. Middle photo: Argiro with Beth Shapiro, Executive Director of Citymeals on Wheels. Left & Right: Argiro celebrates evening with fellow chefs.


100% of all public donations are used entirely for the preparation and delivery of meals.

To learn more or donate, please visit


Citymeals was founded in 1981 by New York magazine restaurant critic, Gael Greene, and legendary cookbook author and teacher, James Beard, after learning thousands of their older neighbors had nothing to eat on weekends, holidays, and in times of emergency. Now in its 35th year of serving homebound elderly New Yorkers, Citymeals has delivered over 54 million meals throughout New York.

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